How can I find common ground with the Dutch? What can I do about my longing for home? How can I balance my private and professional life? What can I do about work-related stress? Am I a good partner; a good parent?

Seeking therapy is often motivated by one of two reasons: 1) when we experience challenges in our everyday life, and/or 2) when we desire to create a more fulfilling, enjoyable or mindful way of life.

My work with physicians, taught me a lot about (mental) health and the influence of psychological problems on the working situation, which I’ve brought into praxis when working with clients on issues such as work stress, burn out, conflict management, time pressure and teamwork. Psychotherapy can make your life more manageable, enrich it and help you to become more who you are. I’ll work with you, joining you as you find your path and choose your way.

As a German psychologist specialized in clinical psychology I enjoy living and working in the international diversity of Amsterdam. I work as psychologist Gestalttherapist, coach and trainer with a wide diversity of psychological issues, for clients with various cultural backgrounds. Due to my professional and personal experiences in various countries (England, South-Africa, Brazil, Surinam, Germany and the Netherlands) I enjoy working with international clients and believe that they can benefit from what I have lived through and studied regarding psychological aspects of short- and long-term-migration.


Joseph Younger, Princeton University, USA. Working on his PhD (History) in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay:

“As a graduate student working on a dissertation, I faced a great deal of stress resulting from my research, which had recently resulted in periodic bouts of depression. Clair Fichtner provided me with assistance. Her technique, which focuses not on dictating solutions, but rather on coaching to locate and then address life-issues, proved particularly valuable to me and I believe would help anyone facing stress, insecurity or depression. In addition, Clair offers a warm and supportive environment, with an emphasis on empowering persons through a variety of innovative techniques. Her assistance proved invaluable to me and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

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